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Rideau Canal in Downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


With 70th NC Governor “Catalyst” Jim Martin (Charlotte Rotary Club, September 4, 2018)


I organized and chaired a symposium on “Time is ripe for knowledge synthesis: (Re)inventing technologies, outlets, and incentives” with five former Academy of Management presidents, Michael Hitt, Denise Rousseau, Jim Walsh, Susan Jackson, and Duane Ireland (Hyatt Regency Atlanta, August 6, 2017).


I hosted a panel on foreign direct investments into the Carolinas with Bob Morgan (President/CEO of Charlotte Chamber of Commerce), Rick Dowd (Chairman/MD, Mid-Market Investment Banking, Wells Fargo), and Damon Gregoire (former CFO of 3D Systems) (Charlotte Chamber, July 26, 2016)


I was awarded Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year 2015 (Educator category). With winners in other categories (from left), Tiffani Teachey, Senator Jeff Jackson, Nepherterra Estrada, Amanda Pickens, Brooke Mize, and Omari Sealy (NASCAR Hall of Fame, Charlotte, April 8, 2015).


I was having a breakfast with Louis T. Wells and Karl P. Sauvant in Dubai, UAE, as invited speakers at Annual Investment Meeting of UAE (JW Marriott, April 10, 2014)


From left, with Meredith and C.D. Spangler (former President of University of North Carolina System and Harvard University’s Board of Overseers) at World Affairs Council of Charlotte (WACC) (Hilton Charlotte, Sep 5, 2013)


From left, with Hon. Donald W. Campbell (Distinguished Fellow at Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada; former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada) and my wife Lulu (Vancouver Club, Apr 11, 2012)


From left, with my doctoral committee members Thomas B. Lawrence (now at Oxford), Jing Li, my wife Lulu (not a committee member), Rajneesh Narula (Head of John Dunning Center, Reading), Daniel M. Shapiro (Senior Supervisor), and Steven Globerman after successful Ph.D. thesis defense (Segal School, Feb 27, 2012).


I participated in the 2nd International Gateways and Corridors Conference ft. Hon. Stockwell Day (then Minister for Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative of Canada) and Hon. Li Shenglin (李盛霖) (the Minister of Transport of China), as a the Vancouver representative of the Ottawa coordination office of Asia Pacific Gateway of Coordinator Initiative (Sutton Hotel Vancouver, Nov 17, 2010).


With Jim O’Neill (then Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management; Father of “BRIC”) at 2009 Canadian International Council (CIC) Seminar on BRIC. Chatted about the forming of Group 2 (Cecil Green, Vancouver, May 28, 2009).


From left, with David T. Fung (past Chair of National Board of Manufacturers and Exporters Associations of Canada), Victor Gao (高志凯) (former Interpreter for Deng Xiaoping, then retiring SVP of CNOOC), and Kenny Zhang (Research Director at APFC) at Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APFC boardroom, Feb, 2009).


With Emerging Market Global Players (EMGP) partners and friends (Columbia University, March 17, 2017)


I organized and chaired a thought-provoking symposium on Global social evolution with Jared Diamond (1998 Pulitzer Prize recipient) and John Cantwell at 2016 Academy of Management Meeting (Anaheim Convention Center, August 9, 2016).


I served as on Mayor’s Charlotte-China Business Council. With then-Mayor Jennifer Roberts (Charlotte, June 14, 2016)



With my PhD senior supervisor Dean Daniel M. Shapiro (left) after his winning of 2014 Best Educator (Dean) of Academy of International Business, and Alain Verbeke (Incoming Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Business Studies) (Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, June 23, 2014).



2014 MBA Class of Managing the Multinational Enterprise after the final challenge game, prepared and judged by Wells Fargo Country Risk Analytics Director Philip Stafford. This year’s winner is “Five Girls and a Boy” – a hypothetical American wine company in Argentina (UNC Charlotte City Center, April 28, 2014)


I attended National Conversation on Asia (NCA) Vancouver Launch Event ft. Hon. David Emerson (former Minister of International Trade, Foreign Affairs, and Asia Pacific Gateway of Canada) (Bill Reid Gallery, Apr 20, 2011)


I participated in a Canada-China Business Council (CCBC) Roundtable with China Managing Director Daniel Cheng (程颖峰) (APF boardroom, Dec 8, 2010).


With Hon. Earl Drake (former Canadian Ambassador to China, Indonesia) at 2009 Canadian International Council (CIC) Seminar on BRIC (Cecil Green, May 28, 2009).


I participated in a roundtable on Canada-China foreign investment issues with officials from Department of Industry (IC), Government of Canada (IC boardroom, Ottawa, 2006).


From left, with Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University; 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences), Karl Sauvant (Columbia Law School), Sheng Bin (盛斌) and Yan Bing (严兵) at International Conference on the Rise of TNCs from Emerging Markets (Columbia Law School, New York, Oct 24, 2006).


I participated in a roundtable on Canada-China foreign investment issues with officials from Department of Industry and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Government of Canada (DFAIT boardroom, Ottawa, 2007).


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